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Roof Repairs in Minneapolis, MN

Keeping the roof over your head in repair will protect your family, property, and possessions. For a 100 percent quality guarantee on roof repairs in Minneapolis, MN, trust in Innovative Building & Design, LLC. Our roofing contractor has partnered with homeowners for roofing repair services since 1973.

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Free Inspection & Quote for Roofing Repair Services 

Obvious signs that your home requires roof repair include leaks, missing or loose shingles, and holes. Aging and storms are the most frequent reasons homeowners reach out to our roof repair company. We have a large team of experienced professionals who are committed to excellence. Request a free inspection and quote, and our professionals will inspect your roof and provide you with precise details of what is required for repair.

Roof Repair Company Eliminates Leaks

Rely on our roof repair contractor for leaky roof repair. Finding puddles of water in your attic is a sign of serious damage on the roof and potential problems with the internal structure of your home. The cause could be related to a recent storm. Perhaps missing shingles and holes caused by hail have allowed water to seep inside your home. Count on our professionals to find the source of damage and make repairs that put a stop to those leaks.

Roof Repair Contractor Works with Your Insurance Company

Insurance does cover roof repairs caused by storm damage. Let us help you with the claims. Call us for a free inspection and quote. We provide you and your insurance company with a detailed report of the damage and the repairs that are needed. Our professionals are well versed in working with insurance companies and are more than willing to act as your intermediary. We do all we can to smooth the way so this is as easy and convenient as possible for you.

Roof Inspections to Determine Necessary Service

Not sure if you need roof repair or replacement? Ask our roofing contractor for a free inspection and quote. We check the condition and report back to you. It may be possible to make repairs that extend the life of your roof. However, the damage from a storm may be so severe that replacement is your only option. Count on us to give you an honest answer and provide you with a very competitive quote for service.

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Contact us today to provide you with repairs that keep your roof in good condition for years to come. We serve St. Paul, Minneapolis, Fridley, Spring Lake Park, and Minnetonka, Minnesota, as well as the surrounding areas.