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Roof Replacement in Minneapolis, MN

The roof over your head will not last forever. Aging and inclement weather eventually prevail and demand roof replacement in Minneapolis, MN. When it is time to say goodbye to your roof of many years, request a free inspection and quote from Innovative Building & Design, LLC. Since 1973, our roofing contractor has provided roofing replacement services that bring beauty and value to your home.

Signs that Roofing Replacement Services Are Needed

You know that your roof requires work, but you do not know how extensive those repairs may need to be. A newer roof may only need repair, while an older one may require complete replacement. Our roof replacement company provides our customers with a free inspection and a quote to let you know exactly what is necessary.

Our roofers know the signs of a roof that requires replacement. You may notice that your home is flying one or more of these red flags:

• Sagging Roof
• Leaking Roof
• Holes
• Cracks
• Mold or Rot
• Light Shining through the Roof Boards
Roofers Tearing Roof in St. Paul, MN

Roof Replacement Company Helps You Invest in the Future

Roof replacement is a big undertaking, but you will find yourself happy with this decision. This investment in your home puts an end to the deterioration caused by an aging or damaged roof. It protects the internal structure of your home, as well as your possessions. Plus, it guards your family’s safety.

Installing a new roof greatly adds to the resale value of your property because potential buyers know that they do not have to worry about replacement for another 20 years or so. However, did you know that a new roof also increases the energy efficiency of your home? This allows you to enjoy lower utility bills as a result.

Roof Replacement Contractor Provides 100 Percent Quality Guarantee

Count on a licensed and certified roof replacement contractor for outstanding results. We have the state’s approval with a contractor’s license and certification from GAF, the largest manufacturer of roofing materials on the continent.

We believe our quality of work is the reason for the number of customer recommendations we receive. In fact, our company has so much confidence in our workmanship that we give you a 100 percent quality guarantee.

Along with our quality, our customers tell us they appreciate our very competitive pricing. We work efficiently so we can offer affordable rates. Everyone loves getting the greatest value for their dollars, and we are happy to provide you with this benefit.

Contact us today to put a new roof on your house when aging or storms cause great damage. We serve St. Paul, Minneapolis, Fridley, Spring Lake Park, and Minnetonka, Minnesota, as well as the surrounding areas.