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Window Replacement in Minneapolis, MN

Open a window to possibility with window replacement in Minneapolis, MN. Count on Innovative Building & Design, LLC. for handsome replacement windows that are also energy efficient. Not only do we supply the windows for sale, we also provide quality window installation. Request a free quote on the cost of new windows for your home.

Home Windows in St. Paul, MN

Replacement Windows Save You Money 

Your windows may be costing you money. Unless they are relatively new, energy-efficient models, your windows are leaking energy inside and out. Turn to our licensed contractor for help. We replace those energy-eating windows with energy-efficient models that reduce your utility bills.

We recommend vinyl windows to our customers who want to conserve energy. Not only is it good for your bank account, it is good for the planet. In fact, installing new all windows in a 2,000 square foot house can reduce power bills by as much as $465. This is because the new windows are made to be energy efficient in the choice of material, as well as design.

Wide Array of Styles for Your Window Installation

Let us help you choose the new windows for your home. In addition to different brands, there are a variety of styles, shapes, sizes, and framing materials. During a free consultation, one of our professionals works with you to select windows that are beautiful, cost-effective, and long-lasting. Consider the following types of windows for your home:

Double Hung – Easy to clean, double-hung windows have two sashes that move and tilt. These offer plenty of ventilation.
Single Hung – These popular windows have a top sash that does not move and a lower one that does. It tilts inward to let in air. These are the most cost-effective window option.
Bay – Romantic bay windows combine a large central window that is fixed in place with smaller windows on either side that open and close. As these windows extend out from the side of your home, they increase interior space.
Bow – The bow in this window is made up of four same-sized windows that form a curve that goes beyond the outer walls. Choose bow windows that are fixed in place or ones that open and close.
Sliders – Perfect in contemporary home, slider windows move horizontally in a track for easy opening and closing.
Garden – These windows are like a miniature greenhouse. They protrude outward from a house, creating a space is ideal for an array of potted plants or flowers.
Picture – Fill a room with sunshine with a picture window. These large, stationery windows devote maximum space to glass to allow lots of light and an unimpeded view of the outside.

Contact us today to beautify your home with custom, energy-efficient windows. We serve St. Paul, Minneapolis, Fridley, Spring Lake Park, and Minnetonka, Minnesota, as well as the surrounding areas.